Community Management aims to build vibrant learning communities by creating communities of local impact agents that we call IES-SBS Tribes.

The IES-SBS Tribes are a new concept in community organisation that intends to innovate socially, and whose objective is to create social awareness, to attract talents, to create a network, to train and train people and to promote mutual aid activities. The ultimate goal of the IES-SBS Tribes is to create a culture of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship capable of responding to social challenges with creative, cooperative and sustainable solutions.

In order to realise this network of IES-SBS Tribes throughout the national territory, it is important to have people who share the same passion, the same challenges and who want to act daily for a better society.

The process of creating an IES-SBS Tribe happens through 3 steps:

1. Identification of the Local Champion

2. Constitution of the Tribe IES-SBS

3. IES-SBS Tribe Certification