Impact Business Programmes

Apresentação dos Programas  Impact Business

Apresentação dos Programas Impact Business

Introducing Impact Business Programmes in the last seven years, IES-Social Business School (IES-SBS) co-designed training programmes with dozens of organisations from various economic sectors (public, private and social). IES-SBS collaborated with these organisations in the launching of new organisational and / or territorial development strategies and in the formation of reference leaders who have become catalysts of the organisational transformation and the context in which they are inserted, towards a real Impact Economy, Where it is possible to generate value to duplicate - for the organisation and for society!

We build a path with you and your organisation!Construímos um caminho consigo e com a sua organização! 

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Our Solutions

IES-SBS offers training programs in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship tailored to the needs of your organisation. We are committed to co-creating solutions and adapting our content and methodologies to offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Three types of Solutions

1. Customization of an open programme

Working from existing programmes and proven results, we work to adapt them to the unique context and culture of your organisation, providing dynamic, intensive, innovative and highly impacted learning experiences for the people and organisations they are part of. These programmes support your organisation in creating an innovative and impact-enhancing culture and / or in the empowerment of the ecosystem where it is embedded in solving important and neglected local and regional problems.



The Customized Bootcamp in Social Entrepreneurship is composed of several moments of learning - inspirational, theoretical and practical - and leads entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to meet sustainable solutions and impact to important and neglected problems of society. The format and content can be tailored to the specific needs of each target audience, so that the programme becomes more effective in empowering the various impact agents.


The customized MIB is an opportunity to bring content management impact initiatives tailored to the context of your organisation. This executive training programme is structured according to what is available to the general public but can be modulated according to the specific needs of each organisation.

2. Design of a customized Programme

When your organisation has specific needs in areas of our knowledge domain that are not reflected in our open programmes, we co-create from scratch customised programmes and learning experiences that can take many forms:


/Training and consulting in Strategic Planning;

/ Consulting in Corporate Social Entrepreneurship;

/ Mapping of initiatives with high potential for transforming society (ES + Methodology).

3. Impact BusIness Bootcamp


The Impact Business Bootcamp is a 48-hour programme for companies and / or organisations in general, with the aim of empowering their intrapreneurs to identify social / environmental challenges in their value chains and / Or in society in general, transforming them into innovative solutions with an impact on business and society.

All sessions of the programme are comprised of innovative theory and practical tools. The first 48-hour stage of the programme has the challenging goal of shifting participants' mindset to perceive business power in solving social and environmental challenges. The teams are then inspired to select a specific challenge from their organisations, which they will address during the course of the programme. Avoiding the traditional ways of solving problems, IBB uses bold methodologies of ideation, causing teams to challenge their comfort zones and discover that innovation and creativity have no limits. Ideas are modeled according to the principles of Social innovation and Corporate Social Entrepreneurship.


/ Companies and / or organisations with the aim of making their value chain more efficient;

/ Companies and / or organisations committed to the dual objective of creating value for their stakeholders and for society in general;

/ Companies and / or organisations that want to maximise economic, social and environmental value through improvements in their business model and value chain and/ or through innovative business models that emerge from new identified opportunities.

Impact Business Bootcamp was one of the most important achievements in our company in 29 years. These were moments of intense, fruitful and intense interaction between F3M employees and external stakeholders that we invited to work with us. It allowed each one of them to develop entrepreneurial skills with emphasis on social innovation, while allowing F3M to look inside and discuss in a broad way possibilities of improvement with impact on the overall performance of the company.
— Pedro Fraga, CEO F3M

Some of Our clients: